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What is a cryotherapy session?

As told by Impact Cryotherapy corporate, the leading whole body cryotherapy machine manufacturer in the USA. Let us break it down for you – a whole body cryotherapy session is when a person experiences a 3-minute (or less!) whole body cold therapy treatment in a cryosauna.…

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Once Mainly for Athletes, Cryotherapy Now Available to All

By Carol Niemi For The Crier One of the newest companies headquartered in Dunwoody, Impact Cryotherapy, makes cryosaunas and is already the leading manufacturer in the U.S. Though its main business is selling its machines to other businesses, it has just opened Impact Cryotherapy-The Studio, its…

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PGA Champion Jordan Spieth Needs Cryotherapy: Here’s Why

From a PGA Championship win to the Impact Cryosauna – Dr. Ara Suppiah explains why practioners like Dr. Troy Van Biezen, PGA TOUR Chiropractor, Impact Cryotherapy Advisory Board Member, and ChiroSport Specialists of Dallas Owner, recommend their players – like Jordan Spieth – utilize Impact cryotherapy….

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